DVF Rebrands Under Jonathan Saunders

by Paige Reddinger

Jonathan Saunders is giving DVF a new image from top to bottom. After infusing a fresh new take on Diane Von Furstenberg’s signature style, the creative director is also behind a major overhaul of the branding. The new logo features “Diane Von Furstenberg” with a separation between “Diane” and “Von” with “Furstenberg” running underneath. It’s also set against a backdrop of the label’s new color scheme, which will include variations on the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. The change is reportedly part of an effort to elevate the brand image by reintroducing the founder’s full name instead of referring to the label by her initials. In line with that thinking, insiders say Saunders has also done away with the “Lips” motif that was previously prominently featured in marketing materials.

The Spring 2017 ad campaign will focus heavily on the new image and less on the product. Saunders will present his Fall 2017 collection for Diane Von Furstenberg, which is expected to further drive home the new message, on February 12 during New York Fashion Week.

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