Dubstepping With Skrillex At Alexander Wang

by Dena Silver

When your Daily spotted tech music master Skrillex perched front row at Alexander Wang‘s show, we had a few questions we urgently needed answering…

Are you pumped for the music?
I hear that he’s got a good curation of dub. I’m excited to hear it.

Do you own a lot of Wang?

For sure. His long-sleeved T-shirts are especially awesome.

So how are you surviving in this raging humidity?

It’s not so bad! I was just in Mykonos, and the heat was way worse.

Any plans for fall?
I’m touring right now and releasing an album with Diplo.

Is the scene more insane at your shows or a catwalk?

It’s way different! It’s not the same people, that’s for sure.

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