What’s Drew Barrymore Doing in the Subway?

by Kristen Heinzinger

Calling all NYC subway riders! Word has it that Drew Barrymore will be making an appearance at various subway stations, including TurnStyle, the underground market at 59th Street, to hand out the premiere issue of Flower Press, her newest venture. “For years, I have wanted to do something editorial. Something to hold all of my interests, like an artful piggy bank,” she writes in her editor’s letter. Here’s a taste of what to expect: Flowerscopes (floral themed horoscopes—June babies are Anemones), an interview with makeup artist Colleen Runné, who talks Flower Beauty on the Milan runway, a feature on all things rosé (starring Barrymore Wine), and advice column “Dear Drew.” Scoop up a copy at various subway stops today—and keep your eyes peeled for Drew!

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