Dress Shopping 101! With The Bachelorette’s Andi Dorfman And Josh Murray

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Earlier this week, we headed to Kleinfeld to check out the latest Mark Zunino bridal gowns, and The Bachelorette’Andi Dorfman and the chosen beau, Josh Murray, were front row to take in the frock parade. First, a bit about the dresses, which were designed exclusively for Kleinfeld: inspired by the movement of water, the mix of short frocks and floor-sweeping numbers were decked out in crystal beads and luscious lace. It was impossible not to swoon over the floral lace bodices and ball skirts, done in icy blush, dusty nude, and cloud-like hues. The look that caught the crowd’s eye, including Dorfman and Murray, was the cap sleeve sheer gown with embroidered lace. The adorable couple chatted with us in the front row about the dress quest, the wedding planning process, and more…

What brought you to Mark Zunino’s show in particular this Bridal Week?
Andi Dorfman: We’re here because we were invited! I actually love a lot of the Mark Zunino dresses. A lot revolves around the dress, so it’s kind of our first step in wedding planning. We figure Kleinfeld are the bridal experts, so we might as well start here!

Who are your favorite designers?
Andi: How much tape do you have on here, because I can go through so many designers I’m obsessed with! I honestly don’t even know where to begin…
Josh Murray: Yeah, she’s not even going to say anything because that’s how many she loves.
Andi: I can’t even! I come home and mention a different [designer] name every day to Josh that I saw in a magazine or something. He’s like, ‘Who are all of these people?!’ 

How’s the dress hunt going?
Andi: This is really where it’s starting! It’s kinda fun to do it together. I never thought I’d bring a guy to a bridal fashion show, but here I am with my fiancé with me!

Since we’re at Kleinfeld, would you ever want to be on Say Yes To The Dress?
Andi: I’d love to be on it! We watch the show, and it’s so great: people have these incredible stories, like a woman who’s been paralyzed is in a wheelchair, and wants her dream wedding dress. so I really love what the show stands for. It’s a feel good shows, so you know, if all worked out and we were on the show, great!

Josh, have you been involved with the dress selection?
Josh: This is my first time really seeing these wedding dresses and stuff like that. I guess a keen eye when it comes to things; Andi is able to take my constructive criticism well when I tell her what I like and what I don’t like. But at the end of the day, the dress is her decision.
Andi: That’s right!

What are your thoughts on red wedding dresses?
Andi: Is that a trend? I’m probably going to stick with a white or ivory look. You look at pictures of your parents and grandparents, and there’s something cool that the tradition of a white wedding dress has stuck.
Josh: I think a white dress is very pure and nice.

What’s your signature dance move at a wedding?
Josh: Andi’s a good dancer!
Andi: Yeah we just went to a wedding actually where I whipped out some moves…
Josh: Oh she whipped them out alright!
Andi: What’s your favorite move of mine?
Josh: The one where you just stand there…
Andi: …and you just dance circles around me? In your dreams! I’m always down for the sprinkler. Or the congo!

What part of the wedding planning do you think you’ll be obsessing over the most?
Andi: Oooh! The dress! Either the dress or the guest list.
Josh: It’ll probably be the guest list. Andi has a lot of family, and I have a good amount of family, plus all our friends. There’s gotta be a cap, unfortunately.
Andi: Food…easy. Cake…easy. Once you get the band, that’s done!
Josh: I’ll take care of trying all the food, cake, and drinks and stuff. It’ll be fine.
Andi: I bet you will!

PLUS! Take a peek at Mark Zunino’s gowns…
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