Dr. Jane Goodall Partners With Wellness Brand Forest Remedies

by Charles Manning

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Forest Remedies, a plant-based wellness brand owned by Neptune Wellness Solutions, has announced a new partnership with leading wildlife conservationist and cultural icon Dr. Jane Goodall.

Together, Goodall and Forest Remedies will develop a line of natural wellness products that will include hand sanitizer, essential oils, and hemp-derived products that are affordable, sustainable, and socially responsible, with the aim of helping to support the health of consumers and the earth alike.

This is not Goodall’s first foray into product partnerships. She and Neptune Wellness Solutions president and CEO, Michael Cammarata, also worked together when Cammarata was CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals and launched a limited edition, natural, and cruelty-free deodorant called “Lily of the Valley.” Schmidt’s Naturals has since been acquired by Unilever, but Goodall and Cammarata remain friend with a shared interest in creating sustainable and accessible wellness solutions.

Dr. Jane Goodall and Michael Cammarata (Courtesy)

As part of this partnership, Neptune has made an upfront donation of $25,000 to The Jane Goodall Institute, and a percentage of all product sales will be donated to support Dr. Goodall‘s environmental conservation and reforestation initiatives. This is in addition to Forest Remedies’ ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted to donate a percentage of proceeds from all sales to help with reforestation.

The first products are expected to be available starting Summer 2020.

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