Double Date With Julie Macklowe and Honor’s Giovanna Randall

by Paige Reddinger

What happens when vbeauté maven Julie Macklowe hosts a lunch in Sagaponack for her favorite designer du moment, Honor’s Giovanna RandallA lot of fashion, a little gossip, and just a splash of rosé.

TALKING SHOP! With Julie and Giovanna 
When did you meet?
Julie: Three years ago, when Giovanna had just opened her store downtown.
Giovanna: I was immediately struck by Julie, because she wore a pink lace look from my store, which she layered over another dress. She put it together the way I would want to wear it.
Julie: Giovanna makes very strong, cool clothes that are still feminine and not too hard. I wear a lot of things that are a little more edgy, but I can wear Honor to work or out on the weekends in the Hamptons. The clothes have a nice, modern sensibility.

And then you worked together on Julie’s Met Gala dress.
Giovanna: Yes! It was an amazing highlight of my career. She was so easy to work with and agreeable. I proposed a bunch of different options, and we tried on four or five different muslins before picking the best shape.
Julie: She came up with a color that I would have never chosen—yellow! I wasn’t completely sold at first.
Giovanna: But she looked so great in it.

What prompted this lunch?
Julie: After the Met, people kept asking me, “Who made your dress?” I felt that not enough of my friends knew about Honor or Giovanna. This is a great way to introduce them and see some of the beautiful clothing. This is the first time I’ve actually hosted a lunch for a designer!

PLUS! Meet The Guests…
Thoughts on the clothes?
I think they’re very interesting and very different. In the Hamptons and New York City, people like to follow the same trends, and you get caught up in wearing the same dress as someone else or having the same style. Giovanna’s style is very unique. She has a bit of a bohemian look, but very artistic. And I’ve always admired Julie’s style.

How often do you get invited to things like this?
I get a lot of invites but I have to pick and choose, because I’m married and I have a daughter. As you get older in life, you realize that it’s all about special time with family and friends. Julie is a new friend of mine—I’ve seen her around and we’ve always chitchatted, but I got to know her better, and she’s a remarkable woman. What you see is what you get.

Do designers want to dress you for the show?
I’m open, but I don’t wear things just because designers say, “Can you wear this? It’s for free!” No. I only support what I love. For instance, Julie makes a fabulous lip gloss from her line, VBeauté.

Did you ever model?
Yes, a long time ago, for a few years in the ’80s. I’m 6-foot-1, and the clothing samples are a size 4 or 2 and if you’re 6’1″, you’re not a size 2. I’m originally from Sweden, so I came to New York to model, and afterward, I went to school and stayed here.

Do the Hamptons remind you of Europe?
Sweden is more like Maine, because we don’t have beaches.

How did you end up at Honor?
I was looking to transition from working in independent film production and non-profit arts administration when I reconnected with my friend from high school, Giovanna. We started talking about her vision for her brand and one day I said, “I need a new job.” Her face lit up and she said, “Come work for me!”

How long have you been coming to the Hamptons?
I’m Norwegian. I moved here when I was 20, which was 26 years ago. I was a model. But then I lived in London and Hong Kong for many years. But let’s say I’ve lived here for about 16 years and I’ve been coming out here since I was 20.

Has it changed a lot since then?
Yes, but what’s wonderful is that most of the people who go to the Hamptons do not really go to the beach. Europeans go to the beach, so here, we own it! These lunches help with the empty beaches.

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