Donna Karan’s Tips To Living The Life Of Luxury

by Dena Silver


Everything you’ve head about the Hamptons being a spot of luxurious is absolutely true. Thus, we turned to the doyenne of the East End, otherwise known as Urban Zen’s Donna Karan, to get her tips and tricks on keeping things luxe from nine to five and beyond…

1. The ultimate luxury: “Time to myself. I never have enough of it because there’s always too much to do!”

2. A luxurious bite: “My daughter Gabby Karan DeFelice’s Tutto Il Giorno restaurants in Sag Harbor and Southampton. The food is amazing yet simple, and you get to surround yourself with friends and family in a very chic and comfortable environment.”

3. Urban Zen’s best-selling luxury: “We created an exclusive collection of tissue-weight cashmere scarves, handwoven in Nepal. They feel divine and are perfect all summer long.”

4. An unconventional luxury, just for kicks: “I love traveling to unknown parts of the world. And if the place is exotic, undiscovered, raw, and preserved in ancient traditions, the better.”

5. The simplest luxury: “For me, it’s spending time with grandchildren and family. You get to see and discover life anew with fresh eyes. There’s also a lot of laughing!”

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