Do You Speak Chic? French Fashion Terminology Edition!

by Daniel Chivu

(PARIS) The beginning of 2011 means much more than the start of the new fashion calendar: it’s also a chance to brush up on the intriguing French fashion terminology that may have already started creeping into the vocabulary of your globetrotting Franglais fluent friends. Being understood by the masses is so 2010!

A.N.D. (Acide Désoxyribonucléique) – otherwise known as D.N.A.

As in: “Glamour and sophistication are the absolute A.N.D. of the house of Dior.“
Say this often enough and you may be bumped to front row at the next fashion week in Paris.

Blogueuse – A female blogger

Take professional blogger off your business card immediately,because it’s so much chicer to be known as a blogueuse. Or at least that’s what they already call you at Chanel Beauté when they ask you on one of their seasonal beauty trips to France.

Bons plans – Good deals.
As in: “Darling, do you have any bons plans for my next vintage shopping trip to London?“

Égérie – Muse. Or spokesperson, in modern parlance.
As in: “Didn’t you hear? Arizona Muse is the new égérie for Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011.”

O.P.N.I. (Objets poétique non identifiés) – Stands for: Unidentified poetical objects.


p class=”Normal”>Hint: anything slightly creative can be an OPNI, as long as you don’t exactly understand what it is. A puzzling, yet potentially very useful, fashion term.

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