Discovering the Magic of Lucca By the Sea: The Turkish Riviera’s Hidden Gem of Gastronomy and Luxury

by Prestige Perfections

When we embark on global adventures, we often realize the varying purchasing power of our currency in foreign lands. An intriguing phenomenon awaits astute travelers venturing to the captivating Turkish Riviera. Beyond the sun-drenched coastlines, turquoise waters, and pristine beaches lies an additional delight—a pleasant advantage stemming from the continued depreciation of the Turkish lira against major global currencies. Without delving into the intricate causes, let us relish the benefits that await travelers in Turkey, particularly as the summer season approaches.

In Turkey, you can experience the perfect blend of value and indulgence, treating yourself to exquisite luxuries without breaking the bank. Picture yourself leisurely wandering through lively and vibrant bazaars, immersed in the enchanting calls to prayer echoing from minarets, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea or majestic mountain vistas. These captivating sights are readily available, free for all to enjoy. Moreover, the luxurious hotels and resorts, boasting opulent amenities and awe-inspiring views, offer an unforgettable escape that won’t strain your travel budget.

Among the Turkish Riviera’s abundant treasures this summer, one exceptional restaurant shines bright: Lucca by the Sea. Owned and operated by Cem Mirap, this world-class establishment resides inside the illustrious Mandarin Oriental Resort in Bodrum. Lucca By the Sea offers a remarkable gastronomic journey, seamlessly blending Mediterranean influences with contemporary design, creating a serene seaside escape.

Under the guidance of the talented Chef Hüseyin Kılıç, the culinary team at Lucca By The Sea not only showcases traditional Turkish flavors but also presents fusion dishes infused with international influences. The Lucca By the Sea team takes pride in its commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, enticing guests with a seasonally curated menu featuring wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and delectable seafood creations. As patrons soak in the coastal vistas from the expansive deck, they can indulge in award-winning cocktails expertly crafted by Lucca By The Sea’s mixologists. Accessible via convenient buggies from the Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, this sophisticated venue radiates elegance and guarantees a memorable dining experience.

Spanning an impressive 570 square meters, Lucca By The Sea seamlessly integrates the bar and main dining area, creating a harmonious ambiance. Retro and contemporary lighting fixtures evoke a whimsical sense of nostalgia, while a pergola system adorned with graceful veils invites guests to embrace the seamless connection between the restaurant, sky, and sea. Light hues, natural stones, and wooden furnishings further enhance the warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience.

Lucca Beach, the beachside version of Lucca Istanbul and counterpart to Lucca By the Sea in Bodrum, also offers an exciting menu, refreshing cocktails, live music, international DJs, and world-renowned beach parties. Lucca Beach’s stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, featuring a blend of Turkish art and beach aesthetics, Architectural Digest honored the oasis as the ultimate destination for discerning beachgoers.

As Lucca By the Sea enchants visitors, they embody the epitome of coastal indulgence. With its unparalleled views, sumptuous culinary offerings, and meticulous attention to design, Lucca By the Sea invites you to immerse yourself in the unique essence of Lucca — where luxury, leisure, and seaside splendor converge into an extraordinary experience.

For additional details and to plan your visit, explore the brand’s official website and Instagram profile.

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