Dior Debuts New Collab With Rimowa at Spring 2020 Men’s Runway Show

by Charles Manning

Dior’s Spring 2019 men’s fashion show was chock full of gorgeous bags. Nearly every look featured some sort of backpack, fannypack, or crossbody, each more covetable than the last, especially when it came to the pieces in the brand’s latest collaboration with Rimowa — the German luxury luggage brand that was bought by LVMH is 2017 and is run by Alexandre Arnault, son of LVMH chairman (and France’s richest man) Bernard Arnault. LVMH, of course, also owns Dior. Smell that? That’s synergy, baby! Sweet, sweet corporate synergy.

As you can see, the bags range in size from your basic carry-on to what one might describe as a gentleman’s minaudière — something not much larger than a sunglasses case or a basic first aid kit. There is probably a range of full-size, check-only luggage as well, but it wasn’t shown because the runway was made of sand (lovely pink ombre sand) and dragging a giant suitcase through the sand is not chic. Not that the person who owns such luggage would ever have cause to check their bags, let alone drag them through the sand. Indeed not! They probably fly private — the environment be damned! — so checking isn’t an issue, and as for the dragging, well, that’s why god created porters. N’est-ce pas?

But I digress. The point is, these bags exist and they are LOVELY — all sleek and pearlescent and of an absolutely fabulously limited edition. One assumes. That’s the thing about collaborations — even corporately synergized ones — they are inherently one-off and extremely limited edition. Otherwise one brand become’s the other brand’s licensee and that’s not chic.

And if there’s one thing these bags are, it’s CHIC! Mon dieu! I personally despise monograms, but even I am kind of in love with the blue ombre monograms on some of these bags. On the livestream they didn’t even look like monograms per-se — just lovely little splotches of color — which makes me think that the effect in real life, at a distance, would be more subtle than garish.

The collaboration with Rimowa wasn’t the only bag news on the Dior men’s runway. Designer Kim Jones continued to develop the house’s signature saddle bag in new (more masculine?) ways — in some cases elongating it or using the shape merely as a pocket detail on backpacks and squared-off fannypacks (it also made an appearance on the plackets and pockets of a handful of the collection’s glorious jackets).

Jones even brought us what may very well be the first men’s micro-bag. Ok, probably not the VERY first, but it still feels notable. It’s just so little! I mean, I assume it is a bag. Maybe it’s just a tiny white basketball. Who knows!?

Dior Spring Summer 2020 (firstVIEW)

And here’s a bag you can wear as a necklace, which I personally never wanted to do until this very moment, but, of course, now it is all I want to do, so there you go.

Dior Spring Summer 2020 (firstVIEW)

And then there’s this little guy, which is so small, it probably qualifies as a locket rather than a bag, but you know what? To-may-to to-mah-to! It’s probably the only thing I can afford on my editor’s salary, so I’ll take it!

Dior Spring Summer 2020 (firstVIEW)

Check out the rest of the brilliant bags — large and small — below. 

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