Dinner Party Report: Pamela Love and Bon Appétit At The Spotted Pig

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Veggies, fine jewels, and Girls! Girls! Girls! were the themes at Bon Appétit’s Feast or Fashion din for Pamela Love at The Spotted Pig last eve, with April Bloomfield serving up nibbles like carrot tartare and hot pink deviled eggs (beet-pickled, of course), plus the prettiest heirloom tomato situation we’ve ever seen, followed by a burrata-studded main. Can’t go wrong with burrata, non? The crowd included Helena Christensen, Mara Hoffman, Ally Hilfiger, and even this season’s delightfully random front rower, Skrillex. Love’s gorge bling was showcased on blocks of pink Himalayan pink salt in terrarium-type glass cases, thanks to the decor wizardry of Fatima Fazal of Lester, and Essie’s latest lacquers inspired the bewitching hues of macarons from Lafayette, whipped up by pastry chef Jen Lee. (Why shouldn’t a macaron be oxblood or navy?!) As for that whole Girls! Girls! Girls! conceit, it seems to sum up the amalgam of stellar women of the fashion and food orbits who played a part in the din. Brilliant, non? Besides celebrating Love’s stunning pieces, the stylish supper toasted the jewelry designer’s collab with Ford Mustang on a very chic T design. Fête accompli! During cocktails, we caught up with a couple of Love’s good pals who were on hand for the tasty occasion…

BFF Moment! With Mara Hoffman…
What brought you here tonight?
My bestie, Pam! That’ll do it.

Thoughts on her new collection? 
I love it! I’m so inspired by the pieces. It’s, like, next-level Pam.

There are a lot of veggies being dished up.
Well, Pam is a vegetarian! That carrot tartare is amazing.

Are you a vegetarian, too?
I’m a meat eater, actually. Prosciutto is the ultimate to me. Prosciutto, salami, all sorts of dried meats—those are their own food group!

A Quick Catch-up! With Ally Hilfiger…
We haven’t seen you much lately: The Daily misses you!
I love you guys! There’s nothing better than going home, eating popcorn, and reading The Daily so I can see what Anna Wintour had for lunchIt’s so juicy and yummy. I love reading it in the morning with fruit and coffee. It’s great at all hours of the day!

Stop, we’re blushing now. So, what’re you up to this week?
This is a very different fashion week for me—I’m four and a half months pregnant. This is my little bun in the oven! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

You made it to your dad’s show, though!
My boyfriend Steve, the baby’s dad, was drumming in the show. It was wild!

Ha! So how do you know Pamela?
She’s been a friend of mine for a while. We met through a mutual friend, and when we realized we were both pisces, that just bonded us. We’ve been friends ever since.

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