Did You Make George Wayne's List?

by The Daily Front Row

Vanity Fair scribe and friend of The Daily George Wayne unveiled his 20th annual “Downtown 100 list” last night at The DL Rooftop on Delancey Street. It’s his list of “the most fabulous, inspired, relevant” people who define downtown.” Who are some of the chosen few rocking GW’s world this year? Kate Upton, Michael Bastian, New York Model agent David Ralph, Lisa Raden, Alan Cumming, Luis Monteagudo, Peter Davis, Kipton Cronkite, Ann Dexter Jones, Martha Graham’s Tadej Brdnk, Marc Jacobs, IMG’s Emerson Barth, Ian Mohr, Patricia Field, Andrew Saffir, Mickey Boardman, Mazdack Rassi, Thom Browne, and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia to name a few. Omitted? Might be time to fire your agent.

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