Dezso’s Sara Beltran On Her Oceanic Adoration, Fine Jewelry, And More

by Dena Silver

At last night’s dinner with the CFDA and Target, we snagged a moment with the brains behind Dezso, Sara Beltran. Her fine jewelry line ranges from $100 to $100,000, but this Fashion Incubator bauble designer wants to make her pieces accessible to everyone, not just the luxe market. Decked out in layers of rose gold gems, studded with precious stones, Beltran recounts the time she left her most expensive design in an airport (she got it back, don’t worry!) and the nitty-gritty parts of her gig.

What’s Dezso all about?
I’m very inspired by the ocean: I use shark fins and shark teeth in my designs. And I’ll have precious stones cut into those shapes as well. I’m obsessed with the sea, but I think it’s because I grew up in the desert.

Where’s your favorite place to swim in the ocean?
I go to Tulum three times a year.

How is the incubator program treating you so far?
I feel like I’ve arrived at a point where I need some professional help. I founded the company in 2006 and I ran it by myself until 2012, so it’s the right time for me. I’m so excited.

But your brand seems to attract quite a bit of PR.
I do get a lot of press, especially in the past year, but it’s not all about press. It’s important to make the company work and to be successful.

Have you completely moved into your incubator space yet?
We all moved in three weeks ago, but I haven’t properly moved in yet because my safe [with all of my gems] is in my other studio. I spend half my time at the CFDA space and the other half of the time at my own space. Since I usually work alone in my house, it’s so nice to be surrounded by other people. To me, it feels like going back to school! Today we had an amazing class on how to talk about the company, which is what we need.

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