Here’s How 7 of Our Favorite Designers Are Coping With Quarantine

by Nandini Vaid

Times are tough and it is up to all of us to do our part by practicing social distancing, isolation, and, in some cases, full quarantine. Here’s how some of our favorite designers are passing the time (at least, according to their Instagram accounts).

1. Marc Jacobs is hanging with his adorable pup, Neville. We assume Char is the one snapping the pics.

Marc  Jacobs

2. Phillip Lim is proving that he’s quite the chef! If you head over to his Instagram stories, he’s doing step-by-step cooking tutorials. Now feels like the perfect time to brush up on our kitchen skills.

Phillip Lim

3. Rebecca Minkoff is chillin’ with the fam. Video play dates are now definitely a thing.

Rebecca Minkoff

4. Zac Posen is going all-in on the immunity boosters. They won’t prevent you from getting the virus if you come into contact with someone who has it, but it is important to stay as healthy as possible so that you can more easily bounce back from whatever comes your way.

Zac Posen

5. Ramy Brook is on the hunt for toilet paper. And she actually found some! Congrats, Ramy. Just remember, everyone, don’t buy more than you need. We’re all in this together.

6. Alexa Chung is reminiscing about the days before touching was verboten. Same. But hey, at least she’s able to let her beard grow out (read her caption)! Zero maintenance is the new self-care.

7. Donna Karan is visualizing life on the other side of all this. Good idea, Donna. This too shall pass.

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