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Designer Caitlin Mociun Gets Catty

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What’s Caitlin Mociun up to when she’s not whipping up her ready to wear line or crafting dainty baubles? Ya know, playing with her cat and stuff…Here’s the rundown on her four-legged boo! 

Name: “Judah”
Breed: “He’s a black cat. I’ve been told he’s probably mostly Siamese from his body shape and eye color but really he’s just a mix rescue from East New York.”
Age: “7 years old”

The Breakdown:
1) “He likes to attack people in their sleep.” 

2) “He’s more friendly to men than woman.” 

3) “He likes nutritional yeast. It’s like crack to him!”

4) “He’s long enough to easily put his front paws up on the stove.”

5) “I think he sees ghosts because he stares into empty space and freaks out often.” 

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