Derek Lam On His Newest Downtown Digs

by Zachary Weiss

Derek Lam has found another set of digs to add to his rapidly growing list of retail locations in NYC and beyond. This time, he’s set up shop at 115 Mercer Street and filled the chic space with his Derek Lam 10 Crosby collection.

“For me, it’s about that personal interaction between what I do and what the store represents. The dressing rooms are the most personal aspect: We made them cozy and luxurious,” Lam told The Daily, pointing at the fuzzy ottomans set up in each dressing area. “We took this space, which is long and tunnel-like, and created rooms where shoppers can discover different 10 Crosby products—and also have a glass of champagne…or a bottle!”

Lam was joined by his husband and business partner, Jan Hendrik-Schlottmann, who has been Lam’s springboard for ideas for every aspect of the store, down to the hanging fixtures. “The product is finally, really perfect. We have all of the classifications, including the bags, which you need for a store,” Hendrik-Schlottmann said while walking us through the space. “It’s a holistic retail concept, which will be seen in our new Derek Lam collection store as well. You’ll see a lot of the same shapes, but in different materials. If you look at the suspension details, these are going to be the hallmark of the new retail concept. For Derek Lam collection, they’re going to be made of mohair and crystal, but at this location, it’s wood and more humble materials. We worked very hard to create something iconic. It’s a space that feels modern and warm.”

The two have a keen eye for the smallest of details, and have made conscious decisions on each one of them. Next stop for the couple is a bit of rest. Next week, they’ll be jetting off “far, far away” to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Bon Voyage!

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