Decades’ Secret Chanel Sale Is Going Public!

by Sydney Sadick

It’s no secret that Chanel bags are a great pricey investment, but thanks to Decades—Cameron Silver’s L.A.-based consignment shop—now it’s possible to own pre-loved Chanel bags without breaking the bank (as much). On Saturday, December 12, the consignment store unleashes its 13th annual secret curated Chanel sale beyond the walls of its boutique, taking it into cyberspace for the very first time. Fans can get their hands on coveted collections from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s (expect clothing and accessories, too) on Decades‘ site beginning 9 a.m. PST. If more than 125 pieces of Chanel marked down as much as 60 percent isn’t enough to get you up on a Saturday morning, then…….

As Silver says, “Your Chanel collection is a fashionable hedge fund. Be a savvy Chanel shopper and watch the portfolio in your closet grow season after season.”

Sale highlights to look out for:

1.       Chanel Cocoon Roller Bag c. late 2000s – $1,700 

2.       Chanel Graffiti Bag Spring 2015 – $3,600 

3.       Chanel Cropped Yellow Jacket c. late 1980s, size 38 – $1,400

4.       Chanel Gripoix Bracelet c. 1980s – $3,500

5.       Chanel Corset c. early 1990s, size 34 – $1,000

6.       Chanel Tweed Skirt Suit c. 1980s, size 34 – $1,850

Happy shopping!

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