Photographer David Yarrow Is A Man of The People

by Eddie Roche
David Yarrow

British photographer David Yarrow will be at Art Miami this week at the Maddox booth to meet potential collectors. The fine art photographer explains why he’s game for getting out there to meet the people! 

You come to Miami every year with Maddox Gallery. What are you most excited about showing this year?
We’re most excited about showing ‘The Mob,” which is the group of elephants including the two biggest elephants in the world in Amboseli, and of course ‘The Wolves of Wall Street” image with the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. We are very excited to see it for the first time in large at Art Miami.

Why is it important for you to meet people at the show?
We think that 80 percent of the people that have bought my work have met me. A lot my friends wouldn’t want to meet but but that’s because they already know me! But by in large if I bought a piece of art, I’d like to meet the artist. And meeting people at the Maddox booth at Art Miami gives me an opportunity. We’re always very flattered with anyone who likes our work.

David Yarrow (Courtesy)

Your book David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe recently came out. Tell us about it and how you’re tying it into Art Basel. 
The book is the best I can do. It has 65,000 words and has been number one on Amazon for a while now. I feel it is a strong representation of my work over the last three years. I’ll be at the Maddox Booth signing books throughout Art Miami.

What were the highlights of your year professionally?
Releasing my book. It’s very flattering to have two American icons [contribute]. Tom Brady wrote the foreword and Cindy Crawford wrote the afterword. I think outside of this, some of the images I have taken this year have been real highlights for me: “The Mob,” “The Wolves of Wall Street,” “Rajasthan,” the front cover of the book and photographing Cindy Crawford in Montana — what an honor.

What artists do you like seeing at Art Miami and the other shows?
I’ve known Jonathan Yeo for an awful long time. He lights up a room, he’s an incredible portrait painter, and he’s fun company. Also, Marc Quinn — I have a huge amount of respect for him as an artist. Both have got creative courage in spades and are delightful human beings.

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