David Gandy On Being Eye Candy

by Eddie Roche

David Gandy

David Gandy gets some love from the American press as Out‘s February cover star. The British mod tells author and journalist Mark Simpson if guys hit on him, which remains one of the most pressing questions in current times. “Guys know I’m heterosexual so no, they don’t hit on me,” Gandy says. “But I’ve been in the fashion industry for years where many of the creative and designers are gay, so we always flirt and have a great laugh. Usually they just try and introduce me to their hot girlfriends.” Now that he’s cleared that up…he also addresses life as, well, David Gandy. “Even though I have now diversified into writing (for Vogue and GQ) supporting my charities, and designing menswear, as a model I use my face and body to sell, that’s the very basic of what a model does,” he says. “Of course, it is predominately women who have had the most recognition within the industry, but men like myself and David Beckham have helped changed the perception. And of course, great photographers like Bruce Weber and Mario Testino have always celebrated the male form and make men look beautiful. I’m very honored that people enjoy seeing the campaigns that I appear in.” The new issue of Out comes out of the closet on January 13th.

David Gandy


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