Dannijo And Mercedes-Benz Take A Roadtrip

by Zachary Weiss

Last night, a crew of fashion folks trekked out to, of all places, Westchester for a road trip to remember. Danielle and Jodie Snyder, the sisters behind Dannijo, led a caravan of chauffeured Mercedes S550 sedans to Westchester where an intimate crowd dined at The Inn at Pound Ridge, one of decorated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s more recent outposts.

“Our last fashion presentation was a Mongolian road trip [theme], so we partnered up with Mercedes to continue this road trip theme,” a glowingly pregnant Jodie Snyder Morel told The Daily. “Westchester just felt like a great place to go for something cozy and great food outside the city. Normally we don’t get to do this on a Monday night! We got to see grass!”

Two guests familiar with the area were Coco Rocha and husband James Conran: the couple lives just 20 minutes away from the venue. “I live up here and I commute into the city to work, so I’m no stranger to a road trip. I drove here, so James has to drive home,” Rocha told us during dessert. “Around here, you always go to restaurants like this, and think, ‘Why doesn’t my house look like this?’ it’s just so cozy. Now I have inspiration.”

What’s Rocha up to next? A showing at Milk Gallery on Wednesday where her newest tome, The Study of Pose, will take center stage. “It’s my first time having a book, and having an art gallery show my work,” Rocha said. “James and I have been, for the past three days, just putting up images everywhere. One wall [features] the entire book. There’s a thousand photos just plastered on a wall. It’s huge!”

Rocha was joined at dinner by celebrity stylist and Maidenform ambassador Micaela Erlanger, who exercised restraint on a no-booze diet in preparation for awards season. “I’ve got a fitting with Olivia Munn tomorrow, so I need to be up and ready,” Erlinger said as she took a sip of tea. “Then the SAG nominations come out; that’s when the real madness starts!”

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