The Daily Davis: Trumaker’s Mark Lovas

by Daniel Chivu


Trumaker, a San Francisco-based bespoke shirt company, is the newest site offering custom clothing to the growing army of style-savvy guys who are obsessed with the fit of every item of clothing in their closet. I met Mark Lovas, the handsome co-founder, in Soho to order a shirt (I chose a dressy dark indigo) from a Trumaker “Outfitter”—young cool types around the U.S. who will meet you and measure you for a shirt—and to talk menswear.

Why did you start Trumaker?
There was a real opportunity to create an upgraded product and experience in men’s apparel. It started with fit and the question: why can’t a company simply take my measurements, and then everything I buy online comes built for and sized for me? Made-to-measure would solve this, but all the made-to-measure companies were the same; books of mostly dress fabrics, too many choices, and higher prices. They were commoditized, and they over-complicated things. So we started there; we wanted to make it easier. We began by designing shirts guys could wear everyday, not just for business. The core of our brand is making you look better without having to do the work. There are outfitters who come to you, and easy online reordering is easy. By connecting the dots between the offline and online experience, we have created an entirely new kind of experience.

So many guys shop more online now. Why is that?
It’s easier to avoid the store, buy online and try things on at home, although it’d be nice to know it’s going to fit!

How many Trumaker shirts do you own?
At least 20.

What are five things every well-dressed dude should own?
1. A perfect fitting white shirt. There are no rules with this shirt, don’t think, just put it on. Tuck it, untuck it, and you can’t go wrong (please avoid shiny shirts).
2. Worn-in boots, to wear with anything.
3. A cashmere jumper—a zip-up or button-up sweater. Dress it down, dress it up.
4. Great fitting, worn-in jeans that are not too baggy and not too slim.
5. A fitted blazer. It’s the the most utilitarian item: you can wear for a meeting, date, or party.

What can we expect from Trumaker in the future?
We started as a built-to-fit shirt company and are quickly becoming about built-to-fit style. Our Outfitters found that customers wanted style guidance and more Trumaker products. In response, we just launched remarkably high-quality blazers and sweaters. It’s the just the beginning of what will be an entirely new kind of men’s apparel brand.




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