Cynthia Rowley Resort 2015

by Dena Silver

Fitness buffs, take note: Cynthia Rowley’s latest creations are just as appropriate for a session with a personal trainer as they are for an evening on the town. But why so sporty? “You see people mindlessly putting on their black or grey leggings with sneakers, and they don’t really think ‘Can these be prettier?'” the designer explained. Rowley proved that they can, indeed, be prettier. A pair of bonded leggings in pale pink, dotted with small white flowers, could easily be dressed up with a pair of pumps, but they were certainly stretchy enough to throw on for a workout class. The bonded material wove its way throughout the line, in a jean jacket silhouette,  in a black crop top embossed with blossoms, and in a sweatshirt shape, gussied up with shiny racing stripes. The pieces were also covered in prints, like a gold firework detail on a navy background and a sweet digital graphic of golden embroidery. But don’t worry about ruining these chic threads at the gym: “Our workout gear is totally washable and indestructible. I actually tried to bleach a piece to make it lighter and it wouldn’t bleach,” Rowley told us. On the kicks front, Rowley showed her first-ever sneaker design, in a bonded material, plus leather bracelets that are actually wrist weights, and golden dumbbells. The bonded material throughout the collection might be reminiscent of neoprene, but don’t get the two confused. Rowley’s now on her fourth collection of color-block wetsuits, and the latest spate came in printed options. With technical details in place, like welded seams, these suits are actually pro-surfer approved. Meanwhile, there were certainly pieces that didn’t fit into the gym-apropos category: a soft white feather skirt, a blue silk A-line dress, and a fiery red lace skirt. Yearning for more tips on how to wear Rowley’s active gear? “We’re going to shoot a video that shows the clothing functioning as fitness. It will be equally practical as the clothing,” the designer hinted. We’re ready to work out with Rowley!

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