Curious to know what is new in tech especially, in the world of retail? QMocha is sure to be known as THE Shopify app to download in 2022

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Explore the opportunity to have your customers have an experience when they shop by adding dimension to the backgrounds on your e-commerce site. Founder of QMocha, Arvind Baliga has developed an app to help you ignite your e-commerce shop in just a few clicks. Picture taking studio photography from simple backgrounds to creative, colorful, artistic and even on location backgrounds in just a few clicks. The QMocha Shopify app seamlessly connects the store’s existing product & model images to your own curated background photo or users can source through millions of backdrops from Getty Images™.

Arvind Baliga first photo ( original ) and second photo (using QMocha)Photo credits on all original : Katerina Ivannikova

QMocha will make your ecommerce stand out, excite the customer and empower you to have more insight on how they react to unique backgrounds. Beyond expanding the photography on your e-commerce shop you can download images for constant content on your social media platforms. A user can accomplish in a few clicks what takes hours or days with editorial photoshoots or traditional photo editing solutions. QMocha allows you to take your photo shoots remote by making you look like you were on location without ever having to travel there. It saves money, time and allows you to now create photo shoots you always imagined. Bring the location to your product catalog when you can’t get your product catalog to the photoshoot location. Imagine taking the same photo of a model that was photographed in a studio with a white background. Now she can travel to Morocco, Iceland and then to Bali. You can showcase seasons now with backdrops and even fun holiday backgrounds. You can now have the snow falling behind the model without it snowing just yet or imagine hearts in the background for Valentine’s Day.

Caravan with Lena Vostrikova

Lena with a photo from her hometown

Why should brands with an e-commerce shop know about QMocha?
QMocha is the coolest new way to reinvigorate the look and vibe of your e-commerce site. It is super easy to use, but can elevate your site in so many ways and dimensions in just a few minutes. Using QMocha, you can transport the models in your photos to different places around the globe without even leaving the photo studio. It can take simple product shots on white backgrounds and change that in a new direction by adding a color or even showcasing them on a textile backdrop or maybe just changing the texture. We created it for brands that don’t have the resources for big budget photo shoots in those exotic spots or really want to move away from boring white backgrounds, now they can do that with QMocha and in an instant. Designers using the app can showcase their model photos in the places they are doing their trunk shows. Imagine you are about to do a trunk show in Hawaii, you can pick one of your models’ photos and upload a photo from that hotel to use as the background. By using QMocha you can have a whole campaign around that upcoming trunk show using that hotel’s background from the invite, to the online e-commerce experience to the social media campaign.

What was the goal for launching QMocha ?
As we know one of the most important parts of e-commerce is the content, especially the photography. Photography allows you to tell a story. Growing eCommerce stores cannot afford the cost and logistics of editorial photography and yet retail imagery has to be Instagram ready to convert sales. QMocha is an AI powered no-code, no-editing platform that you can find in the Shopify app store. Imagine being able to invigorate your product images with new backdrops in just a few clicks. The best part is that the AI instantly configures the backdrop to work with not just one but with all of your products. It works for products, clothing, accessories on models and with floating product images. You can change your basic in – studio backgrounds to more dynamic scenes. You can reinvigorate a sale product by re-promoting it with a new background. You can transport the model in the photo from an in – studio shoot to the beach, art gallery or city streets in just a few clicks.

Gillian Trask with Aleka Ward

Beyond a brand’s eCommerce site, customers can use the images in social media, paid ads, email newsletters, website banners, and lookbooks. The AI allows customers to download assets in the exact size and aspect ratio requirements for each sales channel or platform. QMocha allows stores to dynamically change the look of their store or entire product collections for seasonal or marketing campaigns using QMocha’s powerful campaign urls. Beyond creating the imagery, potential users can also review reports of what customers are actually gravitating toward while in their shop. In the reports tab, stores get detailed analytics for each campaign URL and can understand how the imagery impacts product views, clicks, add to cart and sales.

Who is using the QMocha app?
Anyone with a Shopify store. Once you download the app you can then use the images on any social media, newsletter, lookbook, ad or any marketing platform. Right now we have fashion, jewelry, handbag, shoe designers and even luxury beauty companies to men’s skincare brands using it. We are working with a brand that sells art pieces to a candle company. It was initially made for the fashion community but can be used for all sorts of products from gadgets, home goods to CPG brands.

“From an ecommerce strategy: having these options is great for businesses that may not have the team or bandwidth to create backgrounds. It’s also an interesting way to leverage influencers and give them the creative freedom to interpret the collection with where and how they shot the product. And when they promote it, their ecommerce/brand partner can provide them the link so the influencers’ fans will get visibility to their creative content.” – Joe Adelantar, VP or Marketing/ Ecommerce, Icer Brands

“The app removes the picture’s backgrounds very nicely and gives a cleaner appearance without having to use Photoshop. Their team is extremely accommodating, friendly and very open to helping with a great attitude when needed!” – Luisa Florez Herrán, Creative Assistant, Gillian Trask

“I’m working with this new app called QMocha which tests the images from your ecommerce site and sees how the backgrounds affect the buying pattern. Right now I am doing something with color to see how to best utilize my images on our ecommerce sites” – Stacy Igel, Boy Meets Girl

When did you have this lightbulb moment?
With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and after a career as a high tech executive I co founded a company that invented and sold smart Bluetooth LED light bulbs. As often happens at a startup, I ended up running the Shopify store and Facebook Ad campaigns. I was astonished to find that our ad performance would double or even triple simply by changing the backdrop of the ad images. We realized this is because customers care about the experience and emotion created by the product which can be conveyed with the right backdrop. It took hours for me to change those backdrops so I wanted to figure out a way to make this easier so there is more creative opportunity with e-commerce images. This inspiration has become QMocha now available in the Shopify™ app store

Brooklyn Cloth with Whitney McClain

How is this the next big thing in e-commerce retail?
The biggest advantages to QMocha users are time and money and endless creative opportunities. Users can work with QMocha to create consistent across the board campaigns from their Shopify store, newsletters, social media, ads and more. Using QMocha is like 1,2,3. After installing the Shopify app it is just three steps: select products, choose backdrops and run your campaigns.

You have worked on luxury brands to streetwear to accessories, what have been some of the fun campaigns that QMocha has worked on?
We worked on a specific campaign with Brooklyn Cloth and another one curated by Boy Meets Girl using QMocha. Then we worked with multiple designers at the same time for one campaign: CARAVAN.We worked on a super cool campaign with Caravan, the mobile content studio. We were able to work with Rafi Nova, Yesand, Gillian Trask, Rag & Co and RejuvAus all in one campaign. We took the same studio image and then used backgrounds shared by each brand as well as a background from each model’s hometown. The models were able to go from an art gallery, to the city streets, to the beach, to the forest in just a few clicks. That campaign was special because it allowed us to work with a mix of brands with different aesthetics but figure out a way to bring it all together in one look book that contained different links to each individual brand’s photo backdrop campaign. It allowed us to go on this virtual road trip with over five brands all at once with over a dozen different backdrops for the same photos. For that campaign we also worked with David Rosen of The Rosen Team to utilize one of their locations, 111 Hicks Street in the iconic St. George Tower, a one-of-a-kind duplex with a 60 foot private outdoor space, for the initial studio shoot images where we could show the photo originally photographed in a Brooklyn Duplex and then reimagined with the same model’s photo on a beach in Florida.Next up we are looking forward to working with other innovative creators that understand the power of photography and visuals such as Ariana Ost, jewelry brands, Oh So Fitting and Rejected Hearts Club, Andrea Bernholtz of Swiminista and the bath body and home brand, Lifetherapy.

Is there a way to take the e-commerce experience offline into IRL?
Yes, once you set up your photo with the backdrop/s you can use that for so many purposes including posters in-store, store displays, fashion show programs and more. The app was built for the Shopify™ store experience but once you set up a photo you can use that for so many purposes by easily downloading it to the size you need again with a few clicks of a button.

Is there a fee to the app?
Actually any store can use our app for free and when they are ready, pick a paid plan that works for them. Our paid plans start at just $100 per month which is a great starting package when you look at what you can accomplish and how much time and money you save on content creation.

What is next for QMocha? What other tech surprises are around the corner?
We want QMocha AI to help stores unlock their creative superpowers. In these days when travel logistics make it difficult for stores to get products to the photoshoot location QMocha AI brings the location to your products! We are working on some amazing collaborations for retailers with high end destinations, artists, creators and photographers.

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