Creative Differences! With Marie Claire's 'G' Team

by The Daily Front Row



They say it’s all harmony at Hearst, but we found out what Nina Garcia and Alex Gonzalez don’t agree on…

NINA GARCIA Creative Director, Marie Claire 
Star sign: Taurus
Preferred last meal: I’d commit carbicide at Poilâne.   
Cocktail of choice: Margarita on the rocks with salt
Most used expression: “Does it come in another color?” And “I need more options.”
Pets: N/A
Favorite NYC eatery: My home
Last vacation: Mustique
Dream model / photog combo to work with: Angelina shot by Brad.
Fashion pet peeve: Anything that is too short, too tight, or too sparkly.
Layout pet peeve: Inflexibility and rigidity— there needs to be an evolution of ideas.
Most unexpected blog / website you read: Fashgif on tumblr
Spotify (or Pandora) seed music group of the moment: Oh Land
Office quirks: I think I am the last person on earth that still uses an “At-A-Glance Weekly Planner.” It’s my security blanket.

ALEX GONZALEZ, Artistic Director, Marie Claire
Star sign: Aquarius
Preferred last meal: Branzino al sale
Cocktail of choice: Añejo rum on the rocks
Most used expression: “Major”
Pets: 2 Jack Russell Terriers, 2 parakeets, 5 goldfish, 1 hamster (and 2 young children)
Favorite NYC eatery: Maialino at the Gramercy Park Hotel
Last vacation: The village of Deia in Mallorca, Spain
Dream model / photog combo to work with: Any girl with Steven Meisel.
Fashion pet peeve: Ladies of a certain age in strapless gowns
Layout pet peeve: I’m not a fan of decorative type
Most unexpected blog / website you read: GenerationY by political activist Yoani Sánchez
Spotify (or Pandora) seed song of the moment: I love music too much to peg down one song.
Office quirks: I haven’t decorated a single office I’ve ever inhabited.



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