Correspondence We Actually Received: Television's Hot New Designer

by The Daily Front Row

Attention! Attention! Today is the day that Vicky & Lysander, a new comedic web series, unearths another episode with the LOGO network. It’s our civic duty to share all the deets from the show’s creator that landed in our email inbox this morning. Take it away! 

“The series (10, five minute long episodes) follows a deluded couple as they try to climb the social ladder of Manhattan (the worst of NY!). Their world implodes when they realize that they haven’t been invited to The Met Ball this year. Today’s episode features JENNY, a transexual [sic], cambodian design [sic] that reveals she is dressing a big named celeb for The Met Ball. Jenny takes the world of fashion to the next level and is someone that I thought your readers would enjoy. I’d love if you could run something on it.” Our pleasure! 


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