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Correspondence We Actually Received: Is Lady Gaga's Wheelchair Necessary?

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Does everybody have a publicist now? Apparently it’s hip to be a hip surgeon and ride on those Gaga coattails to gain a little exposure. One publicist wrote us with a slightly cynical approach to get her client some press…

“Lady Gaga’s use of a 24-Karat gold plated wheelchair is leaving her fans to wonder if wheelchair use after hip surgery on her labral tear in her right hip is necessary or if she is dramatizing her injury with elaborate accessories or would crutches along with physical therapy be enough? Dr. Derek Ochiai, Board Certified Orthopedic Expert and Hip Arthroscopic Surgeon, is available to comment on Lady Gaga’s recovery since her surgery, her use of the wheelchair, the recovery time and how soon she will be able to get back on her tour.

Please let me know if you would like to speak with Dr. Ochiai about Lady Gaga’s recovery process.

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