Correspondence We Actually Received: Gawdy Jewelry

by Eddie Roche
Gawdy Jewelry

Gawdy jewelry! Gawdy jewelry! Gawdy jewelry! Call Mrs. Roper, y’all, cause “gawdy” jewelry is back according to this flack who writes in to pitch the funniest name for a line of jewels we’ve heard in some time. We’re also impressed with those superstar names wearing these treasures! Sugar Ray Leonard! Bellamy Young! Evan Handler! Does it get any bigger? Like oh my gawd! 

“Hello Eddie,
When is the last time gawdy jewelry has been worn by the world’s top fashion forward influencers? It actually happens a lot more than you may think. With the likes of Lady Gaga or Madonna donning large and almost abrasive looking rocks on their fingers. It may seem counterintuative, but gawy [sic] is making a comeback, and at the forefront of the trend is a woman that goes by the mononym: Orit. Orit is a Isreali immigrant and professional jeweler who love putting not only her creativity, but also her own touch of flair into what she is calling: The Gawdess Line. To see the Jewlery, and some celebs wearing it, please see our press kit here: [Redacted] Can we talk about doing a story?”


Gawdy Jewelry





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