Confidential to New York’s Latest Sex Diarist: Call Us!

by Ashley Baker

Your Daily is only an intermittent reader of’s Sex Diaries column, but boy, are we ever glad we read “The Divorced Mom Contemplating a Boob Job.” ICYMI, it’s penned by a 40-year-old divorced mom of two who has a “high-stress, high-paying, high-fashion job” as the CMO of a fashion brand. Darling, please, email us and let us take you to lunch! We’ll buy the wine. Herewith, her best gems:

“I blamed my ex’s impotency issues on the stress of our expired marriage, but in hindsight maybe he was [redacted] someone else. Maybe his intern (a female Columbia student); maybe his real-estate broker (a male Brazilian sex bomb). At this point, I don’t know and I don’t care.”

“I have a Botox appointment with the famous Dr. Colbert. Don’t judge. Everyone gets Botox. EVERYONE. Deal with it!”

“Jason is much shorter than anyone I’d normally date (five-eight, maybe?), but I’m so attracted to him. FUNNY really is the new SEXY.”

“I sit at a midtown lunch place and have a glass of wine at the bar while responding to emails.”

“Kids are off to school. I have a doctors appointment with … a boob-job doc!!! Yup. I’m that divorcée. At least it’s not vaginal reconstruction. Although …”

“I spend the day cooking and cleaning, two things I actually enjoy. Especially with a screwdriver.”

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