Condé Nast Addresses Anna Wintour’s Future After New York Times Piece

by Eddie Roche

Fashion insiders were buzzing last night when The New York Times dropped a piece about the culture at Condé Nast, “Can Anna Wintour Survive the Social Justice Movement?” The article looked at the shaky week at Condé with Adam Rapoport, editon in chief at Bon Appetit, resigning after a photo of him and his wife circulated on the Internet wearing brownface. The piece also revealed some of Anna Wintour’s unorthodox leadership practices over the years such as demanding that subordinates arrive 30 minutes early for certain meetings she attended. Kim France, a former editor in chief of Lucky magazine, told writer Ginia Bellafante that, “Difficulty was regarded as brilliance.”

Zara Rahim, the former Vogue communications director, also went on Twitter this week to share her bad experience at the publication. “The trauma I carry from Condé is something I have a hard time talking about,” Rahim wrote. “I was the only woman of color in a leadership role. I’m non-black. I was told in the end I was ‘complaining too much’. Look at those mastheads and tell me this was an accident.”

This all lead the Twitterverse to speculate this week. Could Anna be the next to resign? In a town hall meeting with Condé Nast employees on Friday led by senior executives, chief executive officer Roger Lynch, told them that Anna isn’t going anywhere, BOF is reporting.

Page Six is also reporting that Condé Nast is planning to hire a global chief inclusion officer and investigate all claims of pay and workplace discrimination. Lynch sent an email to its global staff  stating a number of commitments such as “ensuring equitable representation within our content across our print, digital and video,” plus “accelerating our Diversity and Inclusion report” and, “introducing our new global code of conduct with an updated anti-discrimination and anti-racism policy later this year.”

They will also be making a contribution and matching employee donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund through July 1st, and pledging $1M in pro bono ads.

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