Condé's Big Move! Which Glossies Nabbed The Best Real Estate?

by The Daily Front Row

Come November, the well-heeled editorial troops from Condé’s corridors chez 4 Times Square will begin trekking down to the financial district to occupy 1.2 million square feet at One World Trade Center, on floors 20 through 44. So who’s moving where, exactly? Senior executives will claim some of the best views on the 42nd floor, while other corporate departments will be located on the first five and top three floors, according to WWD.

Vanity Fair‘s editorial department will be just below the top execs on 41, while their publishing leg will be located on 40 alongside the entire editorial and publishing divisions of Teen Vogue. Quite a pair, nonThe New Yorker and Details will share space on 38 and 39 for both editorial and publishing. Perhaps The New Yorker staff can take some style cues from the dapper gents at Details. Glamour will be on 30, Lucky on 29, GQ on 28, Architectural Digest on 26 and Vogue will be just one floor above the photo studios on 25, naturally. W magazine will finally depart 1166 Sixth Avenue to join its elite Condé colleagues and will share space with Golf Digest on the 32nd floor. Now, that’s an image. Perhaps Golf Digest‘s Jerry Tarde will challenge W‘s Stefano Tonchi to a tee-off. Better yet, there may be an arsenal of props in there for one of Tonchi’s conceptual fashion shoots. 

And if you hadn’t heard enough already about the goings on at the current Condé Nast cafeteria,  the new digs will feature amenities like an auditorium, art gallery, private dining space, cafeteria and an after-hours café. We’d really like to be a fly on the wall at the latter…The entire move will be completed by February 2015.


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