What Is The Coba Board? Creator Jim Duffy Fills Us In

by Eddie Roche

There’s never a lack of interest when it comes to finding new ways to get in shape. The latest invention to create the perfect bod is the COBA board. Creator Jim Duffy tells how he created this revolutionary new product and how you can be one of the first to own one. 

What is the COBA board?
The Counterbalance Glute Trainer (COBA Board for short) is a revolutionary new exercise product that increases glute muscle activation while minimizing the use of quadriceps and knees during squats, lunges and deadlifts. At Pure Glutes LLC we have developed, tested, and patented a better mouse trap. The COBA Board’s revolutionary counterbalance and functional resistance design helps to shape, tone, and build difficult to activate glute muscles faster, safer, and more effectively than traditional methods. We intend to capitalize on the ever increasing worldwide trend to build a better butt through gyms and consumer sales.

What muscles does it help?
It is mainly designed for glutes and hamstrings, although your entire lower body and core will get a work out. You can do some arm exercises as well. It’s a faster workout. It’s highly efficient and highly targeted.

What is Glute Amnesia?
We sit on our butts (the largest muscle in our body) so much that we block the nueral pathways that are used to activate the muscles. The old adage, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is at play here as our brain has a tough time remembering the pathway. Hence the term “Glute Amnesia” was coined many years ago. Frankly, it’s an epidemic.


Why did creating this appeal to you personally?
I originally created the board so that I could do squats without hurting my knees. I had a torn meniscus and quad muscle and couldn’t do squats, lunges, or deadlifts because my knee hurt. Once I realized so many other people had similar issues and difficulty working and activating their glutes, I became fascinated with the concept and felt that I had stumbled upon something great. Also, my daughter Jordan [Duffy] told me she couldn’t believe how it activated her glutes and she convinced me that the world needed the COBA Board.

Who came up with the idea?
I did with the help of my daughter Jordan who is also a fitness fanatic.

What exercises can you do on the board?
It’s designed for the eight main categories of glute exercise: squats, lunges, deadlifts, kickbacks, donkey kicks, glute bridges, hip thrusts, abductors. It’s truly a total glute solution and scientifically proven to be effective through an independent study done by Dr. Scott Lynn PhD at California State University, Fullerton.

Who should be using the COBA?
Just about anyone who wants to firm, tone, and strengthen their glute muscles. Whether it’s simply to  look better or to be stronger, everyone can benefit. Women in particular are 2-10 times more apt to get an ACL injury because they are quad dominant. Young athletes can protect theselves from ACL injuries by strengthening there Glutes and Hamstrings especially.

How much is it going to retail for? 

Right now this is on Kickstarter until mid-December. What are the perks of contributing to the Kickstarter? 
You can get a COBA Board for as low as $109. If you want a better backside, back us on Kickstarter! Go to our website www.pureglutes.com  and it will direct you to our Kickstarter page.

What’s your professional background?
I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years. I started a magazine in the construction industry and turned it into the digital marketing and software business it is today — I even published a book on the Gulf War back in 1992. People say that I have an idea a minute, which is probably true. I’ve passed this burden on to my daughter Jordan who is also a “big idea” person and very creative. I’ve always been active in sports and have worked out my entire life. I played division-1 college hockey for UVM, I’ve ran the NY marathon, I still play hockey twice a week. And you can always find me at the gym taking yoga, spinning or just working out.

What have you learned about the fitness industry since you’ve become a part of it?
I have to say I love the fitness industry. The people are passionate, energetic and very creative. The fitness professionals at The Saw Mill Club in Mt KIsco, NY have been so supportive of my project.


When will this be released?
We will begin production December 1st and be able to deliver COBA boards to buyers and supporters by early February.

What’s on the COBA app? 
There is a library of exercise videos with instructions and specific timed workouts. You choose your exercises, choose your reps and choose your workout. We’ll offer more workouts with time and even digital live classes like Peleton.

What kind of feedback have you received from the fitness world?
So far the response has been extremely positive. They love how targeted the exercises are. Fitness professionals attest to the fact that it really works and they can feel the difference in just one workout. The price sounds good to them as well. Trainers want to bring the board to their clients homes. Gyms are interested in offering COBA Glute Burn classes. We’ve been testing COBA Glute Burn classes at the Saw Mill Club and people seem to love it. The gym management can’t wait to get more boards and offer a bigger class. I didn’t expect such incredible positive feedback this early — everyone is “onboard!”

Do you expect to invent other fitness products in the future?
I hope so. Like I said, I have an idea a minute and have already created several in my mind, but I need to stay focused. I met a vet who lost his leg in Afghanistan and he told me how important his glutes were to staying strong enough to use his prosthetic leg well. It has inspired me to create a version of the COBA Board designed for this purpose. I see so many older people who can’t get up from a chair or are shuffling their feet. Strong glutes can help all of them live a better life. I have some ideas on the drawing board but again, I have to stay focused.

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