Become a More Sustainable Fashion Fan With This New Guide

by Aria Darcella
circular fashion

Earth Day has arrived, and with that many people in fashion have had sustainability on the mind. But beyond the fashion industry, how much do people really think about sustainable fashion? Vestiaire Collective decided to try and figure it out. The luxury resale site partnered with Atomik Research to conduct a global study to determine how well versed consumers are on the subject. The results show that while many people are interested in sustainability, they’re a bit in the dark about circular fashion — one of the best ways to enjoy fashion in an environmentally conscious way.

Circular fashion and the circular fashion economy is about stopping clothing from ending up in landfills by keeping them in use, longer. This includes designing clothes that are meant to last longer, as well as shopping for clothing second hand, lending clothing, and recycling textiles.

A total of 18,000 people were surveyed across 10 markets for Vestiaire’s survey, including 2,004 in the U.S. The good news is that 77 percent of people believe sustainable fashion is important. Additionally consumers expect more from the industry — 41 percent want brands to offer sustainable clothing options, while 39 percent said they believe the fashion industry needs to be more resource efficient. But only 29 percent percent of global respondents knew what circular fashion is.

That being said, it seems people are actually practicing circular fashion without even knowing it. In the global study 46 percent said they donated clothes to charity; 34 percent swap clothing and accessories with friends and family; and 31 percent said they sent damaged clothing to textile recyclers.

Seeing as how people are genuinely invested in sustainable fashion, Vestiaire has decided to help bridge the knowledge gap. The site has released The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Circular Fashion — a booklet helping consumers understand what circular fashion is, and giving tips on how you can join in. Of course being a luxury consignment site, Vestiaire has an invested interest in getting more people to buy and sell used fashion. But that doesn’t negate from its overall message of being able to enjoy fashion in a more ethical and responsible way.

The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Circular Fashion is available to download on Vestiaire Collective’s website.

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