Christian Siriano On Working With Pint-Sized Talents On ‘Project Runway: Threads’

by The Daily

Tube talk! Last eve, the newest Project Runway iteration hit the small screen. The Lifetime show, called Project Runway: THREADS, is hosted by Vanessa Simmons, and stars Christian Siriano, Seventeen‘s Gina Kelly and Jasmine Snow, and YouTube personality Ingrid Nilsin as judges. We caught up with Siriano on Wednesday at a cocktail bash at his downtown boutique to discuss the show’s budding talents, his advice for aspiring chicsters, and more…

You’re a Project Runway alum, of course, but why did you want to get involved with Project Runway: Threads?
I think it’s important to support young talent as much as possible. It’s good to remind everyone that creativity should be celebrated and showcased.  

What were you like as a tween?
I was confident and I knew what I liked!

Do you see your younger self in any of the kids on the show?
Yes, I see that confidence in a lot of the contestants. I think that’s why I was asked to be a judge! I can relate to these young designers and help them make their dreams come to life

What piece of advice would you give to youngsters who aspire to be fashion designers?
You must love it and make it an obsession, because it’s a very hard business. I also think it’s important to push yourself creatively and take risks everyday when designing it’s so important to never be safe.

What questions do young aspiring designers usually ask you?
I get asked everything and anything. Mostly how to you start a brand or how do you begin to sell you clothing. I think young designers have great ideas they just need to figure out a signature style and how to promote and sell it.

Do you ever watch old episodes of yourself from Project Runway?
I don’t watch much TV at all, actually! but I do think TV is a great place to showcase talent. I think TV also is a great way to promote my brand and business because it’s such a big and broad audience that can watch this show.


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