Christian Siriano Brought Futurism and Celebrities to the Top of The Rock

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Christian Siriano

For the first time ever a fashion show was held at the Top of The Rock at 30 Rockefeller. Christian Siriano took over the famed New York space to present his Fall ’19 collection, which was filled with futuristic eveningwear. But it was clear there was a good reason why the Rock hasn’t been used during fashion week before — the building’s elevators were unable to take the guests up quickly enough. The show ended up starting an hour late, but most attendees were unperturbed. In fact, front row guests like Debra Messing, Mariska Hargitay, Christina Ricci, Billy Porter, and Coco Rocha were all smiles.

So what does the future look like to Siriano? Robot elegance might be the best way to describe it. Various shades of silver started off the show, in light-deflecting fabrics that evoked chrome. Suits and column-like gowns that had a The Matrix vibe followed, tiny sunglasses abound. But fans — who have come to love Siriano for his bold colors and voluminous gowns — needn’t worry. The designer couldn’t help but end his show with ballgowns, ruffles, and tulle in a gorgeous shade of blue.

Siriano has consistently been at the forefront of casting diverse shows, and this season was no different. “He has so many women of color of all different races,” Ashley Graham noted to the Daily. The model and American Beauty Star host was among those to walk the runway, closing the show. “It was nice that he thought of every one of us for these dresses…My look was the most random of all but he said that’s why I was his finale. He said I was his special queen!”

Overall Graham seemed hopeful about the state of size diversity this season. “There’s a lot more curvy girls on the runway,” she said, name-checking the 11 Honoré show that happened earlier in the week. “There are designers that are creating dresses for us and it needs to be the new norm. Our bodies aren’t offensive. Our bodies are beautiful.”

The Daily caught up with Siriano after the show to find out his futuristic inspiration, and how he got to the top of the Rock.

Why did you pick this venue?
It’s an iconic venue! No one has done a show here before. It’s so New York. The idea of the collection was futurism so I liked that we were elevated in the sky so it was almost like everyone felt they were in a different realm. 

How did it come together?
Top of the Rock reached out and asked if I wanted to do a show here and we knew we did. It was awhile ago so it was long enough away that we had time to think about what the clothes would be like in this space. 

You probably disappointed a lot of tourists today!
Totally! People could still come up on the other side. 

You always have such a fun front row!
Mariska! Dead! She said she hadn’t been to a fashion show in a very long time and I was like, “Wanna come?” and she did! She’s so fabulous.

Let’s talk about the collection. 
Futurism. What does everybody think about? It wasn’t necessarily living in another planet, but if it was in this other realm, what would be wearing? What would people be like? They want to be futuristic but in a modern, chic, elegant way. That was the idea.

What are you doing to celebrate?
A party at Tao! Debra, Coco, Christina Hendricks! They all come and we dance all night. It’s amazing. 

See the rest of the collection below.

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