Christian Siriano And A Bergdorf Goodman Shopping Spree

by The Daily Front Row

Sandwiched between a section of petite children’s clothes and a nook of hefty coffee table books, Linda Fargo toasted Monica Rich Kosann‘s latest namesake jewelry collection on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman. As revelers, and a few shoppers, elbowed about the tight space, we chatted with Christian Siriano, who was hanging with stylist pal Danielle Nachmani.

Are you shopping for some jewelry tonight?
I just wanted to come and support. My friend turned me on to Monica’s stuff, it’s so beautiful. I am actually more of a fan of her photography.

So are we! 
Monica was telling me that this is how she got started. I love her photos, plus it’s so cool to see the transformation from photo to jewelry.

Are you into taking photos?
I wish I was good at photography, but I’m not. My boyfriend is a photographer and it is nice to see things come to life in a different way.

Have you ever gone on a shopping spree at Bergdorfs?
Of course, everyone has…You have to have one! Mine was more about assisting a shopping spree, though.

Were you an enabler?
I was an enabler! It was probably a good ten grand kind of a day. It was an adventure.

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