The Adorable Story Behind Christian Lacroix’s Most Famous Magazine Cover

by Aria Darcella
Christian Lacroix

Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover was notable for mixing high and low fashion in a then-refreshing way. The Peter Lindbergh image — which featured Michaela Berçu wearing a Christian Lacroix top with jeans — was much discussed in the fashion world. Without question it has become one of the publication’s most iconic covers. It seems the only person who didn’t have something to say about it was Lacroix himself. At least, not immediately. In a new interview with Vogue, the designer reveals that he was so busy that he had no idea his work was cemented in fashion history.


“Carlyne Cerf [de Dudzeele] came backstage and asked me if I was upset with the now-famous November 1988 issue of Vogue,” he said. “Between summer holidays and the preparation of two collections, I hadn’t seen it. Of course, I was over the moon and so proud when Carlyne, who styled it, showed me the famous picture… I went straight into the audience to thank Anna and to apologize for having missed it. That was 31 years ago… Anyway, that’s the story of how this jacket made Vogue history — and I was not even aware of it!”

Lacroix recently returned to the runway for a surprise collaboration with Dries van Noten. In a way, the collection — which juxtaposes Lacroix’s extravagance with Van Noten’s contemporary style — captures a similar feel to what made the Vogue cover so fresh. Considering how excited the fashion world was about the collab, it seems we might be on the verge of a Lacroix renaissance. Hopefully he won’t be too busy to enjoy the moment this time.

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