Chic Quiz: What’s Your Luxe?

by Dena Silver

Not all one percenters are created equal. See how you stack up!

Where do you spend August?
A. At my second home in East Hampton.
B. On Valentino’s yacht off the coast of Hvar.
C. At my third home in Cap d’Antibes.
D. Somewhere in the Mediterranean…my captain can give you the specifics.

Who’s the highest-paid person on your personal staff?
A. My housekeeper.
B. My nanny.
C. My estate manager.
D. My daughter.

How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
A. A quiet dinner for 10 at Pierre’s.
B. A weekend with the girls at Canyon Ranch.
C. A week or two on safari. Have you heard good things about the new Micato tour?
D. I fly 30 of my closest friends to Moscow. Why do you think I upgraded to the 727?

Who manages your money?
A. The good folks at Charles Schwab.
B. My b-school friend’s hedge fund.
C. My own hedge fund.
D. That darling Lloyd Blankfein, but I’m sure he has help.

Thoughts on couture?
A. No, no, no. I’ll never wear a sweat suit in public, sweetie!
B. I bought a few pieces at Lacroix, but that was pre-recession.
C. I lost a little bit of faith when Karl showed those ghastly sneakers, but I’ll be back next season.
D. What a circus! Riccardo just comes to my place with some sketches, and we go from there.

What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?
A. My engagement ring.
B. My watch.
C. The splendid brooch that dear James de Givenchy made from my diamond after my first divorce.
D. My insurance broker has instructed me not to answer this.

What kind of car do you drive?
A. Range Rover.
B. Tesla.
C. Phantom.
D. I don’t.

How do you work out?
A. SoulCycle.
B. Tracy Anderson.
C. Yoga with Mandy Ingber, whenever she’s not traveling with Jen.
D. Riding my thoroughbred.

How do you unwind?
A. White wine.
B. Transcendental meditation.
C. I look deeply into the eyes of my Rodins.
D. I call Obama and really let him have it.

When do you feel most comfortable?
A. Poolside in East Hampton.
B. After my usual Friday night bottle of Chateau Margaux.
C. At the controls of my Sikorsky.
D. Onstage at Davos.

You’re utterly divine, but what may look luxe in Manhattan is just par for the course in these parts. Ridiculous, but true, chérie. Keep on enjoying the good life!

A little more luxe than the usual, but with your drive and entrepreneurial spirit, we’re certain you’ve earned your splurges. Work hard, play harder!

A little outrageous, just how we like it. Fortunes are made, and fortunes fade, but yours is the type that just keeps bouncing back. We salute you!

Your myriad bank accounts are so flush that even oceanfront real estate (or Candy Spelling’s place) barely makes a dent. If you ever find yourself lonely, call us—we’re usually free!

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