Chic Brides! Erin Fetherston's Tips For The Almost-Hitched

by The Daily Front Row

Designer Erin Fetherston recently married Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta (good choice!) and writes in with ten nuggets of wisdom that every bride- to-be should know before the big day arrives. Congrats to the gorgeous couple! Take it away, Erin…

  1. If you have the budget for it, hire a wedding planner. When the big day comes, they’ll help you feel like a guest at your own wedding.

  2. Choose a dress that fits your body and your personality, and one that you can move in gracefully throughout the night.

  3. Think of the venue when choosing your dress. Not all dresses are right for all spaces.  

  4. Even small weddings end up being more expensive than you’d think.  Make sure you leave a cushion for unexpected overages in your starting budget.

  5. Small details can make the biggest impact. Invest in stationary so you can send your guests and team thank you and welcome notes on the big day.

  6. Make sure your face and neck match! Remind your makeup artist to blend your face makeup so your neck doesn’t look like a different color in photos; that’s never a good look.

  7. Give your photographer a “shot list” before the big day to ensure that no important photo are missed. You can’t go back if they are!

  8. Consider giving your guests clear direction on dress code. I actually gave our guests a color palette. This helps make group pictures feel cohesive with the overall vision of the event.

  9. Get your beauty sleep. Dark circles don’t match any dress.

  10. Inevitably, something will go wrong, so after all the planning, just lay back and enjoy the ride!