Chiara Ferragni on Life, Shoes and Fashion

by Sydney Sadick

Italy’s most prominent fashion blogger-turned-designer Chiara Ferragni has become a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of fashion and digital. Seven years after launching The Blonde Salad, the style star has become just as know for her eponymous shoe line as she has for her huge social media following and brand collaborations. We caught up with Chiara on what’s new in her world at a personal appearance at the new Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place. 

How was New York Fashion Week?
It was amazing—not too crazy and a little chill, which is perfect. We’re finally organized to handle it properly!

And now you’re headed to Milan to show your line at Milan Fashion Week. How does it feel?
Yes! It’s amazing but kind of intimidating because it’s my country, so I feel a little bit of pressure. But it’s gong to be great. We chose a very good location and the collection is really strong, so I’m very happy.

Tell us about the Fall collection.
The Fall collection is ‘born to be wild’, and we looked at American road trips. We have lots of different sizes and shapes. I’m really crazy about vintage denim and vintage bandanas, so we we really wanted to reuse the yellow bandana but we put the little eyes on top of fit.

Your sister Valentina seems to be getting attention in the blogosophere nowadays!
I’m so proud of her! It’s really nice to see her growing so much, making her first big decisions, and following in my footsteps. It’s great, and I feel like my team is doing a great job managing her. She’s with family now. Family with family.

Are your styles similar or different?
They are similar in some ways, we like some of the same items, but then we style them very differently. I feel like I take risks more than she does. She has more of an Italian kind of style, and also she’s younger, so she’s scared to take some of the risks that I take. I feel like so many people like her style more though. I don’t know, maybe it depends on if you like something more classic or something more edgy!

You’re living in Beverly Hills full-time now, right?
Yeah, I am. I’ve always loved New York and still love coming here, but at the same time I wanted to be living most of the time in a place where it was really different than what I’m used to, and LA is really, really different. Also, I wanted a place where I can really relax and have a lot of fun and just really enjoy my time off. I knew New York was going to be too active for me with my lifestyle (I travel so much) so, LA is a good home base to come back to.

As your Instagram always says, #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops. But when you do have a moment, what do you like doing?
I love going to a cinema, a museum, spending time with my friends, walking around or going biking, and horseback riding when I’m in LA. Having a good time with the people I love is the most important thing.

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