Chiara DiGiallorenzo Is Bridging the Gap Between Art and Entertainment

by Sophie and Charlotte Bickley
Chiara DiGiallorenzo

Hi guys! Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, of the New York City based fashion blog @yin2myyang, here. This week we’re highlighting the super chic Italian beauty Chiara DiGiallorenzo, a manager/agent and event producer working at the intersection of entertainment and art. She is a natural connector, with a knack for linking people together globally. In 2017, she left her job working under the SVP at IMG Models to pursue her passion of management and production in the art world. She quickly expanded into branded work, allowing her to work with a multitude of clients spanning traditional galleries to NYFW and beyond. She now runs marketing and events for Cultured Magazine. We sat down with Chiara to hear all about her past experiences, how to be a boss female in the art industry, and new projects she’s working on. 

Sophie: Tell us about your journey and where your interest in art came from.
My initial love for art was ignited by my grandparents. They had an eclectic and versatile collection and story. Some of my first memories were walking through Dr. Barnes home in Philadelphia and the Prado in Spain. These early moments inspired me. I ended up studying art history and journalism at The University of Miami. My first job upon graduating was working for the SVP of IMG Models. It was exhilarating and challenging all in one, but my boss was one of the most captivating female agents in the industry. I thought I was leaving my position to go to law school, took time off to travel and soul search. Opportunities with artists began stumbling onto my lap. At first it was friends asking for favors and guidance, and eventually it felt like an unavoidable fate.

Chiara DiGiallorenzo

(The Shark)

Charlotte: Who are some of the artists you have collaborated with?
I’ve had the privilege of working with so many talented artists, but honorable mentions would definitely be Lefty Out There, StillVika, Blanda, The Dan Life and Daniel Allen Cohen (This Is Addictive). I teamed up with a talented event producer to co-produce a solo exhibition for Sarah BahBah in NYC — it was really exciting working on a project for her.

Sophie: What are your relationships with your artists like?
It depends on the artist and where their needs lie. Every relationship is different, but I would say my constants are providing structure where structure is needed, offering fresh perspectives, and being an all encompassing ear. I literally have an artist that calls me mom.

Charlotte: Tell us about your role leading marketing and events for Cultured Magazine!
I have been such a major fan of Cultured since the beginning of my career so it’s an honor to be on the team and especially working with our incredibly talented editor-in-chief, Sarah Harrelson. Since I’ve been on board we’ve collaborated with major fashion brands like Bottega Venetta and Moda Operandi, museums such as the ICA in Miami, Aspen Art Museum, The Whitney, and more galleries than I can even count. Cultured does a brilliant job at blending all the things I love into one. It’s made my job super exciting.

(Still Vika)

Sophie: Who are your favorite artists right now?
Loaded question. I find new obsessions frequently, but my current roster of favorites are Amako Baofo, Paola Pivi, Fredrich Kunath, Yoshitomo Nara and Alex Sewell. It’s interesting to reflect on how my personal taste has evolved and developed within the realm of art and design. Last year at this time I was fascinated by street art and really loving artists like Cleon Peterson. It’s an ever changing answer.

Charlotte: How did you develop a roster of artists?
It happened organically, but took a lot of hard work. I was looking through a photographer [Still Vika’s] portfolio, providing her with career advice very casually. A few months later we were in Ibiza working on a shoot and she had asked me to officially come onboard as her manager. That started somewhat of a domino effect. Shortly after I had started working on Lefty’s team, which is still a large source of joy in my career. From there I was programming events for artists and galleries, as well as helping brands place artists with projects.

Reputation and word of mouth is the largest proponent. I can’t stress that enough. Working as a manager/agent in art isn’t as saturated as other entertainment driven industries so reputations travel fast. I’ve taken more meetings and visited more studios than I can count.

Sophie: What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs working in the art industry?
Be as social as possible and explore every opportunity. I owe my career to my curiosity and willingness to jump into whatever comes my way.

(Still Vika)

Charlotte: What’s next for you?
I still have so much to learn, and I am eager to do so. As long as I am engaging with talent and developing their brand and strengths into blossoming careers or activations, I will be fulfilled.

Sophie: You blend artist management, brand partnerships, and events into one career. Which is your favorite and why?
I truly love them equally. I’m an extremely social person so adding events into the mix came naturally and allowed me to showcase everything that I work on. Events have also been a platform to involve other creative industries. I actually co-produced the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Week event with Andrew Warren and Rebag last year. Loved it.

Charlotte: Got any exciting new projects coming up?
Frieze LA! Cultured has a ton of events in the pipeline, which have kept my hands full. I am also gearing up for a solo exhibition for Lefty at Maddox Gallery’s Beverly Hills location in the Spring, as well as a few murals in Los Angeles and beyond.

Sophie: Which person, place, or thing inspires you?|
I would say my whole existence revolves around the concept of moving culture forward. I take the things that feed my soul and blend them together — the arts, nature, travel, architecture, brands, my social circle — the list goes on and on.

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