Cher Talks Dodging TV Censors and Criticism From Richard Avedon

by Aria Darcella

Today, Cher makes her long-awaited return to the fragrance world with Cher Eau de Couture, a genderless perfume that comes in a corseted bottle. “I made it for people who love perfume and want to smell good and for people who feel that it’s part of who they are,” she explains. The legend partnered with Scent Beauty on the fragrance, and has been working on it for four years. Naturally this means Cher is out and about promoting the perfume, and agreed to go over some of her iconic looks for Vogue. Beginning in 1965, the Oscar winner is game to reflect on her sartorial choices, and is even willing to critique some of her old outfits. But by far the best part of the video is the fashion trivia.

(Scent Beauty)

“I was the first woman [to show her bellybutton on TV]. When you’re married, you can kind of get away with stuff. And also everyone thought it was [already happening on] I Dream of Jeannie,” she explains. Though promotional stills for Jeannie show its star, Barbara Eden, barring her button, Eden herself confirmed in 2015 that NBC made sure she was covered up. “I don’t think the censors were digging that deep,” Cher adds. “So, yeah. It was me.”

Turning the page, the legend lands on her 1972 Vogue cover — but she has a less than happy reaction. “Richard Avedon [who photographed the shoot] once told me, ‘You’re never gonna be on the cover of Vogue.’ The man who picked the covers was named Doc and he couldn’t find any covers so he went to me as a last resort. But I really don’t look like me,” she mused.

Cher (Vogue)

Cher Eau de Couture retails for $85 and is available online now. Watch the full video below.

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