Chelsea Leyland Lately

by The Daily Front Row

One of the many familiar faces venturing out to take in a little polo over the weekend was girl about town Chelsea Leyland. We grabbed her before things started to ask a few deeeep questions…

How do you keep cool?
Right now I’m wearing a Suno dress. I’m trying to wear fabric that keeps me as cool as possible. Go back to the basics such as cotton and linens. Don’t wear anything with anything with nylon! Just good old-fashioned fabrics. If I shaved my head, that would probably be the most helpful! 

What do you have lined up for the summer?
I’m going to be in Shelter Island next weekend, then I’m off to Israel, Berlin, and London, all for my DJ gigs. I’ll be traveling quite a lot this summer and I’m very excited. Also, I’m planning to take some time off in London to be with my family.

When was the last time you were on a horse?
Oh, gosh! Not since I was a kid. I’m really bad with horses. I like weird animals, like goats and sheep. I’m petrified of horses. I went to boarding school in the country and they made us ride horses. They’re so beautiful, but they just scare me!

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