Checking In With Edun's New Creative Director, Danielle Sherman

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Edun’s new creative director, Danielle Sherman, made a splash this NYFW when she debuted a drastically revamped vision for the brand. Ali Hewson and Bono‘s label, which is owned by LVMH and founded with the charitable intentions of not just donating proceeds of sales to countries in need of aid, but actually employing locals to develop the clothing, thereby creating jobs in the region, specifically Africa. In the past, the brand hasn’t had much visibility beyond being a “do good” brand with celebrity backing. But this season, things have changed. Sherman’s clear vision was evident in modern silhouettes like cocoon coats, slit knee-length skirts, cleanly-cut leather jackets, and skirts done in a chestnut and white weave. Plenty of cool patterns also abounded, like a B&W arrow print that ran throughout the collection. And it wasn’t just the clothes that felt elevated, it was just about everything from the set design to the front row. We caught up with Sherman to find out what she has in store for the label. 

Loved the collection! What’s the feedback been like? 
The reception backstage was dynamic. We were all very excited to see the energy people had after the show.  We’ve been quietly creating this new vision for Edun since April and its exciting to now share it with our friends, family and the industry.  

You had quite a crowd of fashion’s “who’s who” sitting front row. How does that feel?
Its quite humbling.  It is great to see how supportive people are of this brand.      

You co-founded The Row and you were the designer director at Alexander Wang’s T line for five years. What’s it like being in the spotlight now with Edun? 
I am so honored by this position.  It was incredible to present my vision for Edun and share it with everyone.   

Does Ali Hewson give you complete creative control?
Ali Hewson and LVMH have been very supportive in my new creative vision and re-branding of Edun.  

What’s it like working with Bono and Ali?
It’s incredible! Ali comes with a significant amount of support and passion for this brand.  And Bono makes the impossible possible and with that I try to apply that same perspective to Edun.  Both of them are mentors for me.  

What’s your overall vision for Edun? 
In joining Edun, it was very important for me to re-brand this company and communicate change on all fronts. It started with our clothing and carried out with our showroom, logo, and the way we communicate. I want to create clothing that women wear…and not just aspire to wear.   

What was the inspiration this season?
The arrow patterns and the leather weaving were really cool.
 We started with interpreting graphic elements in classic silhouettes.  We applied this concept to create 2-D graphics: silk screening on leather and cotton canvas, as well as a bird’s eye knit jacquard.  We also applied this concept to create more textural graphics.  We created hand-woven leather trim panels in a honeycomb stitch.  We bonded these panels with a lightweight neoprene to provide more structure and form to the garments. 

Did you get to kick back at all this summer?
I started working for Edun on April 1st, and have not stopped running since! We had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time.  I did not manage to have much of a summer, but there’s always next year!  

And last, but not least: What’s your favorite U2 song?
I’d have trouble picking a favorite song, but I’m definitely a huge fan of The Joshua Tree album.    

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