Chatting Up Tom Ford Muse and Frequent Collaborator, Lisa Eisner

by Daniel Chivu

At last night’s glorious, celeb-packed Tom Ford Fall 2015 show, we caught up with Ford‘s longtime muse, pal, and frequent collaborator,

You and Tom do so much together. Do you see Tom’s collections before he sends them down the runway?
No way. No. Not once. He’ll say, ‘This is what I’m thinking,’ and he’ll tell me inspiration ideas, but that’s it. It’s never like ‘This is what it is!’

You and Tom have been friends for a long time.
I was in the South of France and I was friends with Richard Buckley, his then-boyfriend. That was 25 years ago, maybe. He was at Gucci but things hadn’t blown up yet, and then six months, later it all happened. It was so exciting.

What’s the first Tom Ford piece you ever wore?
It was a velvet suit from Gucci. I have that in my closet. I have everything still!



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