Chanel Does the Right Thing, The RealReal Warehouse Workers Fear for Their Safety

by Charles Manning

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Chanel Pledges to Maintain Employee Salaries in France for Eight Weeks (WWD)
“As we face the current unprecedented and global health and economic crisis, Chanel, as a responsible corporate citizen, has decided — in agreement with the social partners — not to avail itself of the partial unemployment system put in place in France,” the company said in a statement. “The goal is to avoid placing a burden on public finances so that the French government can help the most vulnerable businesses as a priority and, of course, channel its financing into the health-care system, health-care workers and emergency services.” Bravo, Chanel! Way to take responsibility. Bravo, indeed.

Chanel designer Virginie Viard (IMaxTree)

The Real Real Urges Warehouse Workers to Keep Coming in Despite New Jersey Order for Nonessential Workers to Stay Home (New York Times)
The Real Real is urging warehouse employees to continue coming in, despite New Jersey’s ban on the operation of non-essential businesses. “I work for an online luxury consignment brand taking pictures of clothing to be then uploaded to a website for people to browse and buy from. This is not an essential business,” wrote one employee in a letter to New Jersey’s governor. The company told the New York Times that they are approving all time-off requests, that anyone who needs or wants to stay home can, and that they continue to pay and provide benefits to all employees, but warehouse workers told the Times that they are afraid for their safety. “I don’t care how much you pay me at this point,” said one authenticator. “You’re not protecting me.”


George Wayne Launches His Own Podcast
Yesterday, George Wayne launched his very first podcast, available exclusively on Spotify. It’s called “Georgie Whirl” and if you think for one minute that it is going to be anything short of genius, then you clearly don’t know Wayne. And you should. The man is fabulously over-the-top, verging on the insane, and an absolute icon of the New York publishing scene. He is famous for his extraordinary way with language and notorious for his aggressive, no-holds-barred celebrity interview style, which made the column he wrote for Vanity Fair until 2015 one of the highlights of every issue. In other words, this podcast is going to be epic. Enjoy!

George Wayne (Patrick McMullan)

Cosmopolitan Hires New Star Amid Coronavirus Crisis 
Cosmopolitan has hired Julee Wilson to replace Carly Cardellino as beauty director after the later resigned in order to become a full-time influencer. Wilson is joining Cosmopolitan from Essence where she held the title of global beauty director and was responsible for some of the brand’s most popular and profitable stories like her monthly “Dope Stuff on My Desk” column. Wilson is well known and respected in the industry for her incredible work, her early and unwavering support of the body-positivity movement, and her determination to support POC-owned businesses and brands in the fashion and beauty industry.

As beauty director, Wilson will lead the Cosmopolitan’s robust beauty coverage across all platforms, and will be responsible for spearheading coverage across print, digital, social and creating new ways of reaching readers. Wilson assumes her role April 1 and will report to Cosmopolitan editor in chief Jessica Pels. Lauren Balsamo and Chloe Metzger have been promoted to deputy beauty directors and will report directly to Wilson.

Julee Wilson (Courtesy)

How Counterfeit Markets Flourish During Times of Crisis (The Fashion Law)
“Counterfeiters have long preyed upon consumer vulnerability in order to make a quick profit,” writes The Fashion Law. “The current coronavirus crisis will likely be no different. However, what is unique about the current crisis is the extent to which consumers are relying upon e-commerce platforms. […] The push to keep people indoors has led to a substantial increase in e-commerce spending. People are becoming increasingly reliant upon these services to provide life’s basic necessities – and counterfeiters are primed to take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

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