Chadwick Bell Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

In a hushed Union Square apartment decorated in shades of white and cream, Chadwick Bell returned to fashion week. After sitting out last season, he came back with a bang, albeit a pretty subdued one. Girls in pointy pony hair flats slowly zig-zagged across the thick carpeted floor, swathed in layers of silk, pieces that Bell referred to as foundational pieces. “Did you notice,” he asked your Daily after the show, “that all the girls came out in their original look, but all they did was add a piece to their look? It’s great because we kind of fooled you!” He started off with simple designs; a white wrap dress, a silken blouse with black seams down the back of the arms, and precise trousers. Then he added a bit of fun thanks to thick leather wrap belts, textured jackets, leather belts. “This collection was really about creating a foundational look and seeing how can you build from that in a wardrobe,” Bell explained. “It’s nice to take a step back every now and then, assess your closet and be like ‘Ok, I need this, I need this, I need this.’ That’s sort of how we built the collection. ” His aesthetic was spot-on, echoed in every detail of the show, from the simple textures and details found in his clothes down to the space he was showing at. With Carolina Herrera sitting in on the showing, Bell’s clearly got something great going on. We’re already looking forward to his next collection…

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