CC Waknine on How Her Fast-Paced Life Transitioned with Motherhood

by Thomas Herd

Motherhood naturally changes us, but some lifestyles take more adapting to the new role than others. CC Waknine, a former model who married Hai Waknine joined her husband’s world of liveliness—parties, travel, and a full calendar of events with friends in the entertainment industry—at the early age of 17. Their love for one another and life itself was palpable to anyone who crossed paths with the duo. Although CC always knew she wanted to be a mother, she had no idea when that time would come. We caught up with her to learn about her transition to family life, her parenting style, how she stays true to herself, and what it’s like to live a new version of a fast-paced life with a husband and three kids.

First off, how did you know your husband was “the one”—what made you fall for him?
There is something about my husband that never changed since the day I met him. He made me feel important and safe, and he was fun! His heart is so big, and he doesn’t stop for anything to help someone in need. He has this charisma and excitement for life that I’ve never seen anyone else have. His energy is so contagious, and that hasn’t changed since the day I met him.

What was the transition like from being a new couple and going out, to adjusting to having your first child?
We were living a very exciting fast-paced life, so for me it was a sudden halt of this go go go that I wasn’t used to. I had to start thinking about my responsibilities as a mother and balancing a baby, husband, and myself. Trying to get sleep, and staying home with the baby when I was used to always being with my husband. The first baby is always a guessing game. If I knew what I know now I would have adjusted much faster—someone give me a crystal ball!

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of motherhood?
I’m growing everyday as a mother and finding new purpose in my children’s lives. It’s not about giving them what you didn’t have or making them straight A students because you were one—it’s about helping them adjust to the reality of today. We live in a very different time than when I was their age. There are bigger challenges and more expectations. I feel blessed to have my children look to me for answers and tell me they want to know how I feel about everything. I am responsible for them, for making them great people in this world. It’s up to me to make sure they love themselves and are strong inside and out. They are my team.

In your own experience as a mother, what has been the greatest lesson?
Putting in the time as a parent produces the greatest results. Give love, because love grows. Sit with them and be a part of their daily life as much as possible and they will love and respect you, and you will learn from each.

How do you balance raising children with your own personal time?
My kids are all in school so I’m able to exercise during the day. When they come home it’s family time, and after they sleep, I’ll do the night out and dinners with my husband. If there is no school, I adjust my schedule, but I spend a great amount of quality time with them. I’ve been very active my whole life, so my kids are used to me doing a workout at home.

You live a very fun and adventurous life as a family, what’s it like to travel with kids?
I taught my kids how to be soldiers when they travel. If you teach them responsibility, they will respect their belongings. They pack their own backpacks for the plane, (iPads, headphones, snacks, blankets, toys, etc.) so if they forget something, they know they can’t throw a fit at me.  They pick out their outfits and shoes, and tell me which toothbrush and swimsuits they want to take. They are responsible. Even the little one. They know the routine before we go, like the bathroom, and when we arrive the whole washing hands, unpacking, etc.

Any words of wisdom about parenting or advice for the new moms out there?
One thing I learned over the years is that you don’t need to change yourself to fit the mold of what you believe a parent should be. Your kids will become a part of you, and you don’t have to let a piece of you go to fit them in. You will expand your capacity graciously and your marriage deserves that. Adjust accordingly, but don’t change who you are—you will miss yourself. Love yourself, and your kids and spouse will too! Be best friends in your marriage, have fun with each other. I guarantee that is one thing everyone wishes they could have in their marriage.

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