Catching Up With Jimmy Choo's Creative Director Sandra Choi In Milan

by The Daily Front Row

(MILAN) What’s the inspiration behind creative director Sandra Choi’s new sexy Spring line for Jimmy Choo? Insects! That might sound more terrifying than sultry, but the new line is filled with brilliant colors like neon orange, lime greens, and turquoises that one might spot on the petite crawlers. Your Daily chatted up Choi in Milan to find out how this recent mom of two is enjoying Europe despite her hectic schedule.

How’s Milan treating you?
Coming back to work after having a baby actually feels like a holiday! The weather has been fantastic. Having that last bit of sun is so great. 

Why design a collection inspired by bugs?!
I was thinking about what makes me feel happy and comfortable in my own skin. It got me thinking about my surroundings and nature. Mother nature does it best. The beauty around us and the constant metamorphosis of change and colors and growth is incredible! 

Why were you drawn to insects instead of other creatures?
It’s natural for Jimmy Choo to be into animals and snakes, but I really wanted to draw attention to small, powerful, petite things. They can be beautiful and deadly at the same time. There’s a sense of strength with these tiny little things.

What kind of insects are we talking?
I was looking at butterflies and beetles. There’s a bag inspired by the stag beetle, which is a black shiny beetle that has an amazing metallic finish. For the presentation we created a tropical forest to house the shoes.

Are you a nature-y person?
I really like to bring outside things inside. I like surrounding my interiors with natural elements: plants, wood, and metal. The contrast between those things is quite my aesthetic!

Which shoes are you obsessed with this season?
At this moment, I’m really into flat shoes, as you can imagine! There’s a shoe called Attila, which is a pointy snakeskin shoe with a black patent toe. It just reminds me of little bugs. You can move around and run around in them and be energetic. I love the rope shoes, too. They’re very sexy and they have this sensibility of being tied up in a cocoon and then being released. And then there’s the Tamber, a sandal bootie inspired by butterflies—but it’s not an overt butterfly design.

Any fave Milan spots?
I love the Hotel Diana. I love their big outdoor area. They have a lovely garden with massive greenery!

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