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Catching Up With…Camila Alves-McConaughey

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The lovely and beautiful Camila Alves-McConaughey was recently in Manhattan to show off some hand-picked gift ideas for the holidays from the women’s, men’s, accessories, and home collection from Macy’s I.N.C, where she continues to serve as their brand ambassador. We stopped by the penthouse of the Hudson Hotel to catch up with her and talk about Texas style, hubby Matthew’s buzzy new flick, and more. BY EDDIE ROCHE

What are your duties as brand ambassador? 
I’m the person that gets out there to talk about what I.N.C  is doing and the brand’s new trends. But my favorite part of being a brand ambassador is going to a lot of store events and speak directly with the consumer. There are so many things that you wouldn’t realize just by walking by a store [window] unless somebody showed you. I also do the photo shoots and ad campaigns.

Have you always been outgoing?
Yes! I love people! If I’m driving and see somebody crying, I stop the car and see if they have an emergency or need any help. I want to know where people come from and how their day was.

Sweet! You live in Austin most of the time. How’s the style there? 
People in Austin dress for themselves. Sometimes that’s great, sometimes that’s not so great, but it is very specific to that individual. They aren’t trying to be anyone else. They have a strong sense of who they are.

How’s motherhood treating you?
Great! I’m not going to lie to you, it’s definitely crazy with three kids. All of my girlfriends always ask how it is; I highly recommend it, but it is crazy! It’s the best thing though. It’s so hard for me to leave them; those few seconds leaving them at the door is heartbreaking, especially with my little guy, who is nine months old now. He is just really full of personality and does something new every day. He’s trying to walk, learning how to wave, and learning how to clap. So it’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work.

Have you watched Matthew’s upcoming movie, Dallas Buyers Club, yet?
Yes! I truly don’t have enough words to describe that movie. I’m so proud of my husband! It’s one of those movies that I went to and forgot that I was watching my husband. I always see part of my husband, because I know him better than anyone. The movie is just fantastic; you forget that you are watching [Matthew], and all the sudden you’re part of the story. You’re laughing, crying, and getting pissed off. It’s a kickass, funny, emotional story.

You lived through the transformation of his weight loss for the role. Was it strange to see it in the movie?
No, it wasn’t weird. He worked really hard and it was a slow process to get to do that in a healthy way. It’s also a slow process getting back. You can’t just put it all back on at once or you’d get sick. At the end of the movie, when his character is at his sickest, from certain angles I had a different man. It was wild! It was a major change, but if he hadn’t had done that, it wouldn’t do any justice to his craft.  

Since today is Halloween, what’s your fave holiday?
New Years! I love Christmas with my family, but for me it’s all about New Year’s! I always celebrate it big because in Brazil it’s really part of our culture. At midnight, we go to the ocean, jump the waves, make wishes, and put flowers in the ocean. My birthday is January 28th, so the period from New Year’s Eve to my birthday is about going back through the year, balancing everything, and thinking about great and what was not. A lot of people do it at the end of the year, but that’s really my period to do it. 

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