Catching Up with Actress Sophia Bush

by Sydney Sadick

Beloved for her roles on One Tree Hill and more recently Chicago P.D., Sophia Bush continues to win over fans. Wondering what she’s up to this summer and what she’s wearing? We caught up with the beauty at Sunglass Hut’s “Made for Summer” bash in Time Square. 

How do you describe your summer style?
I think style in general for me feels a bit eclectic because you can really address whatever mood you’re in with clothing. I will say summer, just because of temperature, really lends itself to more of a uniformed dress code. A simple slide or a sneaker and a good pair of sunglasses, and I’m out the door. I like to keep it light.

Speaking of sunglasses, how many pairs do you own?
I’ve honestly lost count, which makes me sort of embarrassed! It’s definitely a bit of an addiction for me.

Do you have a signature frame?
Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of round. I just really love the shape, and I love that it feels kind of throwback in a way.

What have you been up to this summer so far?
I’ve been all over the place. Conferences, some shoots, work projects, and travel and friends. It’s been a lot, there’s no slow down. People ask me, How’s your hiatus? I’m like, I’m literally working every day! It’s fun to change it up, to just be doing different things and seeing different cities. That’s my favorite thing.

Are you going anywhere on vacation?
My vacations are sort of combined with work at this point. I was on vacation in Colorado, but the next couple of trips I’m taking are for work.

Who’s your favorite person to travel with?
All of my friends are such good travel partners. I’ve been traveling with my best friend Jed for a really long time. My girlfriend Ruthie and I have been on a bunch of trips together recently, and we were laughing saying, We are so good at this, we are good travel buddies!

Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Probably Ruthie or maybe Jed last night, when he was over at my house.

What’s on your summer playlist?
I just made a new playlist. There are so many good songs out right now! Anderson and Mac Miller did a song called “Dang” that I’ve been listening to for probably two months straight, so I think that’s at the top of the list.

We’re in Times Square—how good are you at keeping track of time?
Very, because my entire life is always on the go. I’m really obsessive about keeping time.

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